Seeing the Forest Through the Trees


The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has had a profound impact on the contact center industry. AI holds the promise of transforming customer service, providing data-driven insights, and improving business performance. However, the evolution of AI in the contact center also presents significant difficulties. One of the key challenges is the siloed nature of data within various point solutions inside the CX (customer experience) stack, leading to complexity in integrating and updating data into a single source of truth. In this blog post, we explore how Perch, an AI-powered business intelligence application overcomes these challenges, empowering customer experience leaders to work proactively with actionable insights leading to better decision-making.

The Challenge of Siloed Data and Complexity

AI relies heavily on vast amounts of data to deliver meaningful insights. However, data tends to become siloed within individual CX point solutions, creating challenges in integrating and updating data into a unified single source of truth. This siloed approach can lead to inefficiencies, inaccurate reporting, and a lack of holistic visibility across the contact center. Furthermore, siloed data means that CX leaders often find themselves in reactive mode, addressing issues as they arise, rather than proactively strategizing to improve business performance. This reactive approach can hinder the potential for growth and optimization. To break this cycle, CX leaders need accessible data-driven insights drawn from a combined single source of truth that enable them to make proactive, informed decisions.


What sets Perch Insights apart is its team and its deep expertise in structuring CX data from multiple sources, including CRMs, customer service platforms, contact center applications, chatbots, marketing platforms, and HR systems, into a single source of truth. By unifying data from various points, Perch offers unparalleled visibility and actionable insights delivered through easy-to-use dashboards and proactive alerts. What’s more, Perch Insight’s AI-driven co-pilot effortlessly queries the CX data platform to uncover trends and reveal underlying causes of performance variations, eliminating the need for inefficient, ad-hoc reporting. Whether you want to optimize your product offering, identify bottlenecks, or super charge human and/or virtual agent performance, Perch Insights gets you the information you need, quickly and accurately.


While siloed data and complexities in integration can pose obstacles, Perch emerges as a powerful solution to empower CX leaders to see the bigger picture, beyond individual data points. Through the integration of multiple data sets accessible through an AI co-pilot, Perch fuels better outcomes across various dimensions, streamlining operations, increasing productivity, and delivering exceptional customer service.

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