See what’s happening on the front lines, before there’s a problem. Perch Insights assembles data from multiple sources into a single interface for accurate AI-driven insights on what is changing and why.


Multiple Sources

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Single Source of Truth

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Accurate, Trusted Real-time Insights



Proactive Alerts

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Al-driven Root Cause Analysis

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AI-Driven Business Intelligence Platform for Customer Experience

Perch Insights centralizes metrics, models and rules so all data applications (like BI reporting tools and notification services) can reference a consistent understanding of domain data.

Perch Insight’s AI-driven chat agent effortlessly queries the CX data platform to uncover trends and reveal underlying causes.

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Proactive Alerts Drive Better, Faster Decision Making

Pushing insights to users is more effective than asking those users to regularly check reports. Perch offers a robust system to alert on different data-driven insights in a more actionable and impactful way.
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Scheduled and Event Based Alerts

Evaluate your data when it changes or based on custom schedules / intervals.

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Rich Notifications

Notifications tell you what was observed including snapshots of charts and links to dashboards with custom messages.

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Multi-Channel Delivery

Via email, chat (Slack, Teams, GChat), 3rd party apps (Salesforce).

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Recipient Choices

Recipients can select what time, what channel and whether to receive single or digest of notifications.

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Flexible Rules

Compare data against thresholds / targets, historical trends, team averages, and AI-driven anomaly detection.

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Notification Reporting

Review and analyze alerts / issues for trends and repeat issues; chain notifications together for escalation alerts.