Use AI to spot trends, see underlying causes and take action

No other Customer Experience (CX) analytics platform provides actionable insights like Perch Insights.

Perch empowers Customer Experience (CX) leaders with AI-driven insights to work proactively, leading to progressively better business decisions and performance.

What if you could...?

Improve every step of the customer journey

growth -1

Increase agent success in customer service and acquisition


More effectively bundle virtual and human agents

Our clients are using Perch Insights to expand customer lifetime value and minimize customer acquisition and service costs.

With Perch, we’ve seen an overall increase in sales conversion by 20% plus a 25% increase in cross-sales. We have been able to move faster to make better decisions on how best to sell and test different ideas to keep moving.

Director of Operations, Publicly-Traded Fintech Company

With the help of Perch Insights, we've been able to proactively manage our complex multi-channel customer support systems like never before. It streamlines our processes, allowing us to be more efficient and responsive to our customers' needs.

COO, Marketing Services Company

With Perch Insights, you’ll be able to track key customer trends, agent performance metrics, and much more!

Quickly and effortlessly answer your questions to understand what’s going on, why it’s happening and what action to take.

Optimize Across Customer
Journey and Agent Operations

Improve the customer journey to increase conversion or lifetime customer value, and manage operations for increased agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Which part of the journey matters most to you?

Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention/LTV

Data. Metrics.

Results Driven by Perch Insights.


Cutting-edge telecom company

Selling an additional service to existing subscribers at

higher rate
1 %

Popular online retailer


15- 1 %

Leading wireless network operator

Retaining subscribers at a

higher rate and a
1 %
higher NPS score. Top performer for acquiring new subscribers through online
1 pt
leaf asset

Fast growth Fintech company

Fast growth Fintech company

increase in agent productivity
1 %
increase in customer Retention/LTV through faster issue resolution.
1 %
Increase in use of Conversational AI
1 x

See the forest through the trees

Perch Insights offers the best way for Customer Experience (CX) leaders and their colleagues across the enterprise to see the forest through the trees to increase market share and improve the customer journey.